360iDev: Introduction to 2d Game Programming Using cocos2d

I was extremely pleased with the number of people that showed up to my 360iDev talk on cocos2d.  You can download the slides below.  I’m not a big fan of packing slides full of text and I’m not sure how useful they’ll be without the commentary, but I’ll let you judge for yourself.  If there’s enough interest, I’m more than happy to record a screencast version of the talk.  Just say the word and I’ll add it to my todo list.

Download pdf: Introduction to 2d Game Programming Using cocos2d

Judge Scrabby Finally Approved and Released

Scrabble fiends rejoice!  It took about three weeks longer than it really should have (details here), but Judge Scrabby, my Scrabble word challenger, is finally in the App Store.

For those of you wondering how I managed to get such an “objectionable” application through the review process, it turned out to be quite simple.  Drum roll please … My super awesome technique boils down to doing absolutely nothing to Judge Scrabby.  That’s right, nada, zilch, zero.  I simply resubmitted the binary that had been previously rejected.  I must have had this app store reviewer the first time through ;-).

Now go play some Scrabble.  You know you want to.