Hello and welcome to Hidden Elephant! My name is Serban (pronounced Sir-bon) Porumbescu (pronounced Pour-oom-bes-coo) and I  created Hidden Elephant with a good friend in 2001. With a handshake and the goal of making enough money to buy each other a beer, we set off to work on “casual” games. Back then the company was really more of a hobby than anything else and we developed software for the Palm Pilot.

At some point a company found our compression and word game solving algorithms interesting and applicable to their online web games. We licensed our code to them and bought each other those beers we had set out to earn.  Shortly thereafter, Hidden Elephant faded into the background for many years while I focused on finishing up my computer science doctorate and while my friend went off to work in Silicon Valley.

In 2008 I relaunched Hidden Elephant.  Today, the company’s sights are set on the iPhone entertainment and casual gaming market.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’m just a short support at hiddenelephant.com email or tweet (twitter.com/serban) away.