360iDev: Introduction to 2d Game Programming Using cocos2d

I was extremely pleased with the number of people that showed up to my 360iDev talk on cocos2d.  You can download the slides below.  I’m not a big fan of packing slides full of text and I’m not sure how useful they’ll be without the commentary, but I’ll let you judge for yourself.  If there’s enough interest, I’m more than happy to record a screencast version of the talk.  Just say the word and I’ll add it to my todo list.

Download pdf: Introduction to 2d Game Programming Using cocos2d

19 thoughts on “360iDev: Introduction to 2d Game Programming Using cocos2d

  1. Hi Serban,

    I’d love to see a webcast. I’m a game dev newbie. I hear cocos2d is the way to go. I’ve had the same problem you noted in your slides…I got stuck trying to run the examples and haven’t made it much further. Jason

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  5. This was one of the best talks at 360iDev (and there were a lot of great talks there btw). Serban, you did a great job presenting the framework and also doing a talk that invovled code – your timing and pacing were very good, and it was very easy to follow.

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  7. You should definitely publish your screencast. Actually I wish you could hop in a time machine and publish it 4 months ago … I think it would have saved me a lot of time and effort. :)

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